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UNO - R22

Easy to pick up, impossible to put down.  UNO is  number one for family fun.

A fun game for the whole family

Happy tap - R150

Mega mosaic tiles

Fantastic fun

Mind - hand - eye co -ordination activity for mental, manual and visual development.

Create original designs and fanciful figures with big wood tiles on a cork base plate.


Disney Planes - Sky Race - R100

Fly your plane through the Wings Around the Globe Rally to win. But, watch out—flight conditions change and you’ll face surprising challenges. Toss with your eyes closed, between your legs, lying down, and more!

Promotes: Imaginative Play, Physical Dexterity, Creativity

Product Contents: 4 Soft Foam Gliders, 8 Race Stage Markers, 8 Race Stage Bases, 9 Flight Control Tiles,

12 Bonus Tiles, 4 Scoring Tokens, 1 Leaderboard

1 Game Rules Manual

Tortie - R45

A jigsaw counting game

In this exciting game of chance. Dexterity and number-value, players compete to built up torties shell according to the fall of the die, but also in strict numerical order from 1-6 and in matching colour.

Tricky fingers - R30

Race against your opponent, who can complete the pattern first.  Great for fine motor control, visual discrimination and concentration.

Detectives - R120

A looking game

This game is a test of your observation skills.

Can you find the patterns to win the game.

Balderdash - R280

Is it real or is it balderdash. Each card lists people, words, initials, movies and laws that you've probably never heard of. But don't worry, you get to make it up from here. Be as silly or as serious as you want. You score points for guessing correctly or for successfully bluffing the other players.

draughts set - R5

such a popular and fun game

A wonderful little stocking filler

Snakes and ladders - R16

Always a winner and so easy for young and old to enjoy

pick up sticks -R10

A firm favourite with all ages

Great for fine motor control

Easy game - R30

Slot in the sticks, drop in the balls.  When it's your turn pull out a stick and try not to let any balls fall.

The winner is the person who drops the least number of balls

playing cards - R6 EACH

regular playing cards keep them in your bag for anytime entertainment

Bring on the Bling - R100

Pinktastic shades reveal secret designs.

Get one of the four Barbie fashion rings to win.

Wear the amazing sunglasses to see the secret Barbie designs on the rings.

Spin the spinner and start passing the rings and glasses!

When you collect one of each of the four Barbie rings, shout BLING to win.

Fibber game set - R90

Stretch the truth and your nose may grow.

It’s not what you play it’s what you say!

In fibber you play cards in order and say what you’re playing.  Don’t have the card?  Then play and say a different card - but don’t get caught fibbing, or your nose will grow!  Shortest nose wins!

Junior prictionary - R110

The game of quick draw for kids

Pick up a card and pick up your pencil and start drawing.  Your partner needs to identify your picture in 60 sec or less.  The cards are desinged for kids 7-12, with 2 seperate decks so that younger and older players can play tog.

Boereplaas R420
It’s the Afrikaans monopoly

BOEREPLAAS ™ is groot pret. Nou vir die eerste keer in jare, is daar weer ’n eg-Suid-Afrikaanse bordspeletjie op die mark. Net in Afrikaans. Net in Suid-Afrika. Met die heel beste en mooiste prente en kwaliteit bybehore.

Kry die hele gesin saam, bel jou maats, kom speel Boereplaas. Nou gaan ons Boer!

Kom speel ‘n lekker moderne weergawe van Boereplaas! Beurtkrag laat jou kuikens vrek, jy moet allerhande belastings betaal en die werkers staak vir hoër lone. Aan die positiewe kant voer jy vrugtesap uit na Doebai, begin ’n staproete op jou plaas en begin ’n aanleg vir gebottelde water.

BOEREPLAAS ™ is pret, maar ook opvoedkundig. Dit leer kinders (en grootmense) van boerdery, ondernemingsgees, taalvaardighede, rekenkunde en sosiale interaksie. Ook hoe om met geld te werk. Jy moet oordeelkundig op jou plaas boer, anders speel jy dalk bankrot of kan jy nie ’n trekker of huis vir jou plaas bekostig nie. Leer om somme te maak as jy aankope en verkope doen en van die goeie en slegte tydings met boerdery.
Jr Boggle - R95
Your preschoolers first boggle game.
With boggle Jr your preschooler will transform letters into words, 2 different matching games encourage various skills and levels with fun and colourful pictures.
Your child will practice:
Object and word recognition
Letter recognition and matching
Sorting and grouping
Taking turns and sharing

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