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Sidney School bus - R535.00

Shape sorting fun to help early years development. Sort the six packages by shape and colour, then retrieve them using the ‘magic’ WOW button. Load-up Sidney and play the role of bus driver. Safe for babies of 12 months and up. Contents:

1x School bus called Sidney
1x Driver figure
6x Shape sorting pieces


Dudley Dump Truck - R1134.00

Dudley is a tough and chunky dump truck that tips, drives and even shakes. Turn the power dial to automatically tip out his load before driving off-site with his powerful friction motor with realistic engine sounds. This eight-piece set includes barrels and traffic cones to collect and dump, a driver friend and a sturdy carry handle.


1x Friction-powered dump truck called Dudley
1x Builder driver figure called Marky
3x Traffic cones
2x Construction barrels


Ernie Fire Engine - R756.00

Ernie is always ready to rush to the rescue with his powerful friction motor and crew of fire-fighters. Ring his push-button bell before using his click-&-turn ladder to fight any imaginary blaze. Ernie is guaranteed to provide hours of fun play with his many functions and features including his turning ladder and ringing bell.The ‘magic’ WOW button opens the backdoor to reveal two emergency barriers.


1x Friction-powered fire truck called Ernie
2x Fire-fighter figures called Jack and Karen
2x Safety barriers


Fireball Frankie - R329.00

Frankie is as fast as lightening with his powerful friction motor and realistic engine sounds. With his daring driver Toby he’s always the winner on the race track. Frankie’s magnetic hook can be used to mix and match with trailers from other products in the WOW World range.


1x Friction-powered sports car called Frankie
1x Driver figure called Toby


Flip ‘n Tip Fred - R1134.00

Fred is your friendly recycling truck. Use his bucket to tip waste into the truck or sort the bins and flip them into the rear. Drive off using his powerful friction motor with realistic engine sounds. Watch the automatic ‘waste crusher’ spin then slide open the clicking door to empty the truck. Three different recycle bins, a boy and girl recycling team and a sturdy carry handle complete this great play set.


1x Friction-powered recycling truck called Fred
1x Boy recycler called George
1x Girl recycler called Lucy
3x Recycling bins



Big Dexter Digger - R1134.00

Rough, tough and strong, Big Dex is a heavy duty digger ready for any construction site. Dexter’s easy-to-use mechanical arm can be moved up and down to dig and scoop and his strong friction-powered motor and front bulldozer make light work of any obstruction. Dexter’s friendly driver Bill keeps him company whilst he works. Together they make a great duo.

Dexter has other details to discover too. Press the ‘magic’ WOW button to reveal his secret engine compartment with all the tools to keep his powerful engine up and running.


1x Friction-powered digger called Dexter
1x Builder figure called Bill
3x Rattling boulders


Dynamite Daisy - R329.00

Daisy is perfect for girls on the move. This set includes a stylish girl driver and a pretty pink friction-powered racing car with realistic engine sound. Daisy’s magnetic hook can be used to mix and match with trailers from other products in the WOW World range.


1x Friction-powered sports car called Daisy
1x Driver figure called Charlotte


Harry Copter - R756.00

Harry is always first to the scene of any animal emergency. Hold his sturdy handle and squeeze the trigger to activate his friction-powered main rotor. Then pick up the injured animals with his magnetic lift and drop them off safely by turning the searchlight. He’s also got a clicking tail rotor! A removable vet figure and an injured panda, lion and crocodile complete this wonderful play set.


1x Friction-powered medical helicopter called Harry
1x Vet figure called Dave
1x Panda animal figure called Amanda
1x Lion animal figure called Leo

1x Crocodile animal figure called Eric



Lift it Luke - R535.00

Luke is a super strong little digger. He speeds around any site with his powerful friction motor and he can pick up his big rattling boulder using the pull handle bucket. With his removable driver Tyler he is ready for any job that comes his way.


1x Friction-powered digger called Luke
1x Boy driver called Tyler
1x Rattling boulder



Mix ‘n Fix Mike - R756.00

Mike is ready with his cement for any construction job large or small. Thanks to his clear outer drum, cement making has never been so fun and interesting to watch. Mike’s powerful friction motor rotates his inner cement drum with fun colours and sound. Operated by his friendly construction driver Ricky, his detachable barrier can also be fixed to the back of his truck for easy storage. Contents:

1x Friction-powered cement mixer called Mike.
1x Driver figure called Ricky
1x Barrier


Harvester Harry - R1020.00

Harvey is tough enough to tackle the largest fields. He has a powerful friction motor that drives his rotating thresher, rattling with newly harvested grain. Feed the bales into the automatic baler and watch as they are cleverly dropped out as he drives along. A swivel grain arm, 3 removable bales and a farmer figure complete this farm themed 5 piece set.


1x Friction-powered combine harvester called Harvey
1x Farmer figure called Phil
3x Removable hay bales


Johnny Jungle Plane - R535.00

Johnny is always looking for a jungle adventure with his daring pilot Monty and tiger friend Trisha. Johnny is a super, fun-packed airplane with friction-powered, rotating propellers and a cargo hold with three secret compartments.

1x Friction-powered jungle plane called Johnny
1x Pilot figure called Monty
1x Tiger animal figure called Trisha


Motor Bike Max - R535.00

Join Max on a fun family day out with Gus, Annie and little baby Tilly.

Max’s motorbike and sidecar has a friction motor with realistic engine sound. The mother with baby, father figure and dog are all removable and don’t forget the flip-open picnic basket. All ready for the open road.


1x Motorbike and sidecar called Max
1x A father figure called Gus
1x A mother figure called Annie carrying little baby Tilly
1x Removable dog called Wiggles
1x Removable flip-open basket


Offroad Ollie - R756.00

Ollie and his friends are always ready for all sorts of outdoor adventures. Ollie is a chunky car with a push-button, flip-top roof, a friction motor with realistic engine sound and a detachable trailer with a magnetic hook. To complete the set there are boy and girl adventurers, a motor-trike and a canoe that really floats!


1x Friction-powered car called Ollie
1x Detachable trailer with magnetic hook
2x Adventurer figures called Murray and Chelsea
1x Canoe
1x Push-along motor-trike



Penny’s pooch ‘n Ride - R535.00

Join Penny on a fun day out with her stylish driver Chloe and her pet pooch Roxy. Off to the shops or out to the beach, Penny’s friction motor means she’s never late. Her removable dog basket fits snugly in the back, so Roxy and the puppies can go for a ride too. This 4 piece set also comes with a removable girl figure to provide hours of imaginative play.


1x Friction-powered car called Penny
1x Girl figure called Chloe
1x Dog figure called Roxy
1x Removable dog basket with two puppies



Police Patrol Riders - R250

The streets are safer now that this powerful police team are around. This fun, four-piece set includes a push-along bike, police horse and two interchangeable police figures.


1x Police bike
1x Police horse figure called Ella
1x Police figure called John
1x Police figure called Mickey



Police Chase Charlie - R535.00

Charlie is always ready to help out in an emergency with his powerful friction motor and realistic engine sounds. The policeman figure Cash can open the flip top roof using the ‘magic’ WOW push button. The loyal police dog Whiskey completes this fun emergency services set.


1x Police car called Charlie
1x Policeman figure called Officer Cash
1x Dog figure called Whiskey


Poppy’s Pony Adventure - R756.00

Clip-clop, clip-clop, Poppy always wins first prize. Poppy is part of a cute and chunky eight piece set. She has a friction-powered motor with a realistic engine sound for zooming around the countryside. Popcorn and Clover, the 2 ponies, can be safely transported in the detachable horsebox and then unloaded down the push-button tailgate. For added fun there is a shape-sorting roof rack and lots of removable pieces for creative play.


1x Friction-powered car called Poppy
1x Detachable trailer with magnetic hook
2x Girl horse rider figures called Sally and Grace
2x Horse figures called Popcorn and Clover
1x Removable fence
1x Removable hay bale



Robin’s Medical Rescue - R1134.00

Robin is a speedy ambulance ready for any emergency with a powerful friction motor and realistic engine sounds. Open his clicking side door to remove a comfy stretcher, perfect to help any injured figures. Paramedic Nina cleverly opens the back ramp using the ‘magic’ WOW push button while the other automatically releases the wheelchair…whoosh. Push figures down on the amazing X-ray machine to see what’s wrong.


1x Friction-powered ambulance called Robin
1x Girl paramedic figure called Nina
1x Mother figure called Pearl
1x Boy figure called Sandy
1x Removable stretcher

1x Removable wheelchair



Rock 'n Ride Ralph - R204

Ralph’s sturdy construction and chunky wheels together with his safari ranger and elephant companion show us how quad biking is really done. Push him along and rock him from side to side to create dare-devil turns as he explores the safari park.


1x Quad bike called Ralph
1x Safari man figure called Sam
1x Elephant figure called Elvis


Stanley street sweeper - R535.00

Stanley knows a thing or two about keeping the streets clean; with his bright colours and rubber brushes. His driver Jason keeps him company as he cheerfully works the high street. Push him along to see his brushes automatically rotate, and spin the 3 rubbish panels to match and sort the rubbish.


1x Street sweeper called Stanley
1x Boy driver figure called Jason



Tip it Toby - R535.00

I’m only little but I’m a great help, whizzing around any work site with my powerful friction engine. I can carry heavy loads & tip them out with my spring loaded bucket. Comes with removable driver figure & rattling boulder.


1x Friction-powered truck called Toby
1x Boy driver called Paul
1x Rattling boulder



Tow Truck Tim and rolling ray - R1134.00

Tim is always on hand to pick up and help any motor cars who have broken down like Rolling Ray. Tim’s magnetic winch connects to all WOW cars like Ray and automatically pulls them up the ramp. When Ray’s ready to go again drop down the clicking tailgate and press the green button to launch him back on his way. This amazing 5 piece set comes with a removable mechanic and driver figure.


1x Friction-powered truck called Tim
1x Detachable trailer with car winch
1x Car called Ray
1x Girl mechanic figure called Meena
1x Boy driver figure called Ben


Turbo Twins - R535.00

A marvellous motor racing team featuring two champion driver figures and two friction-powered racing cars with realistic engine sound. Magnetic hooks make them compatible with other products in the WOW range.


2x Friction-powered race car
1x Girl driver figure called Vicky
1x Boy driver figure called Simon



Pippas Princess Carriage - R756

Princess Pippa is getting ready for the ball! Push the pumpkin carriage with realistic clippety-clop sounds as Snowdrop, her magical pull-along horse rushes to get the Princess to the ball. The Fairy Godmother waves her magic wand and transforms Princess Pippa’s dress into a beautiful ball gown which she can admire from all angles in her revolving magic mirror. Will Princess Pippa kiss Francis the Frog and turn him into her Prince? The story unfolds…


1x Princess Carriage

1x Removable Princess called Pippa

1x Removable Fairy Godmother

1x Removable magical horse called Snowdrop


George’s Dragon Tale - R329

I’m Sir George, WOW Toys’ very own gallant knight, and together with my loyal dragon, Smokey, we set out on heroic quests through dark, enchanted forests and magical, fairy-tale worlds on our sturdy chariot. Smokey always protects me and leads me to the fair maiden for me to rescue her from terrifying beasts.

I use my working catapult to fire my boulder into enemy lines to break their defences, free the injured and save the day!


1 x Push-along chariot
1 x Removable boulder
1 x Removable knight
1 x Removable dragon


Arctic Archie - R249

My name is Arctic Archie and I just love cruising around in the arctic, snowy blizzards! My Eskimo and penguin friends, Scott and Penelope, are always there to help me get through the snow and fish for the night’s dinner from the icy waters.

I just love to glide up mountains, voyage across snow plains and cruise home to my warm, cosy igloo after a hard day’s work. Come and join me and we’ll have a great, icy adventure any time of year!

My set includes myself, a push-along snow mobile, Scott, the removable toy figure Eskimo and Penelope, the removable toy figure penguin


Lunar Lenny - R249

My name is Lunar Lenny and I’m WOW Toys’ very own space buggy! Times have changed since WOW first began, so much so that WOW has deployed me to travel space and search for extra-terrestrial life forms on the moon and further afield. I spend my days traveling through space with my captain, Buzz, and alien friend, Ali.

I have an unlimited supply of cheese up here so I never go hungry, and when I get bored I can shout for my good friend, Ronnie Rocket, to play some space games.


1 x Space buggy called Lenny
1 x Astronaut figurine called Captain Buzz
1 x Alien Figurine called Ali


Farm Buddy Benny - R329

Farm Buddy Benny here, out on the WOW farm fields! My good friends, Clark the farmer and Shep the dog, help me do all sorts of jobs on WOW farm. We feed the animals, stack the hay and water the fields amongst all sorts of other fun-filled activities!

We also sneak off sometimes when no one’s looking for a big mud pie fight or a race down Mount WOW! Don’t tell any of the other WOW collection though or we may get in trouble. My off-road suspension means I am as safe and sturdy as any other WOW toy and I’ll never break down on the rough fields. My green and yellow paintjob means I can blend in to the scenery on a nice summer’s day.


Quad bike called Benny
Removable farmer figure called Clark and shep, the removable sheepdog


Misty and Molly - R329.00

Misty & Molly are best of friends. Join in the fun at their pony club with this lovely pink stable set. Twist the cockerel to turn the clicking trough & feed Misty her favourite meal. Open the stable doors & let Molly jump on for a fun ride around.Contents:

1x Stable with rotating pony feeder
1x Girl horse rider figure called Molly
1x Pony animal figure called Misty




Danny's Diving Adventure - R535.00

Every day is a watery adventure with Danny and his friends. This five-piece set is great for both bath time fun and regular floor play. Flip open the deck of the boat to reveal a fantastic working diving board and secret cabin. Danny takes Chris the diver and his friend Mandy on day trips and Daphne the dolphin can always be found nearby ready to play.


1x Speedboat called Danny
1x Girl figure called Mandy
1x Boy diver figure called Chris
1x Dolphin animal figure called Daphne
1x Removable diving board


Fireboat Felix - R329

From watery action to role play games, Felix will provide so much bath time fun. Fill him up with water and then squeeze the turtle button to squirt water from his four powerful water jets. Felix is kept company by his removable fire-fighter called Tom. Together they’re ready to tackle any fire emergency.

1x Fireboat called Felix
1x Fire-fighter called Tom


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