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Single card kit - R13.20

Contains: 1 picture card, 9 sachets of sand, 1 lifter and instructions

Flying glider - R6.00

Build your styrofoam glider and enjoy flying it.

Perfect as party favours or just because

Pop pop snappers - R5

Throw them down and the "explode" with a bang

Loads of fun

Magic grow capsules- R14.00

Each pack contains 12 capsules available in sea animals, farm animals and zoo animals.

Drop in warm water.

Watch as the capsure creature begins to change shape and grow.   Your creature appears in minutes.

Available in Sea animals, Farm animals, Zoo animals

Bubble wand - R25


The little one's will have lots of fun waving this lovely bubble wand around and making fun bubbles.

Twisty worm - R15

fun twisty worm, put it on your pencil or just play with it

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Bubbles - R2.00

A sachet of bubbles and a bubble blower

Pop gun - R5.00

Clever design that makes a fun noise but doesn’t hurt anyone

Jewel case stamper- R15

Contains 6 stickers and a self inking stamp, perfect for creating a little masterpiece

Tom and Jerry pencil and eraser - R6.00

Various designs available

Magic sand mini tub - R10

contains 85g of magic sand

available in brown, yellow, pink, blue and green


Poseable Zombies - R25

3 different one’s available

Battle bugs - R25

Friction powered bugs, play with your friends and see who wins the race or upends their partner

Funky teeth - R12

Wind up and hear them snap

Space balloons - R21

Pack of 3 tubes of balloon magic and 3 blowers

Have balloon blowing contests or make balloon animals


Nail polish figures - R12

6 different colours available

The cutest nail polish you have ever seen

Ball with tongue - R20

Bouncy ball that lights up when bounced.  Tongue can also be pulled to slingshot the ball

Various colours available



Funky faces stress ball - R12

Various colours

Boogers - R16

Pull them and stretch them, but please don’t eat them

Glitter putty - R20

It shines, it stretches and so much more

Available in green, blue and pink

Mini stress balls - R26

Or R4.00 each

Lazer finger beams- R25

Fun lazer beams to attach to fingers.  Go on create a light show.