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Magic grow capsules- R14.00

Each pack contains 12 capsules available in sea animals, farm animals and zoo animals.

Drop in warm water.

Watch as the capsure creature begins to change shape and grow.   Your creature appears in minutes.

Available in Sea animals, Farm animals, Zoo animals, Dinosaurs

Sparkling mosaic - R22.00

Contents: 1 sheet of sparkling foam stickers

1 design board

Ages 5+

Tattoo gel pens - R30

contains 6 x gel tattoo pens and a page of stencils

Can be used to make tattoos, or to decorate birthday cards or school projects

Colour Splasherz ice charms - R90

Use the magical ice pen to design and colorize you're your rings and charms.

That's right-you literally use ice to create colorful and detailed designs.

Just pop an ice tip into the ice pen and start drawing.

Need a change? Just dip in warm water and start icing and designing again.

Contents: 1 x ice pen

1 x ice tray

2 x rings

5 x charms

1 x charm bracelet

7 x color-change pop-ins

Age 5+

Canvas kits - R160

Contains 5 canvases, 2 brushes, 1 pallette, 4 paint tubs, 4 glitter tubes and 1 paint tube

Available in Big 5, Dinosaur, Fairy and Ocean

Paint a canvas (blister kit) - R59

Contains 1 canvas, 5 tubes of paint and 1 brush

Available in Fairy and Dinosaur

Big 5 Canvas kit

Dinosaur Canvas kit

Fairy Canvas kit

Ocean Canvas kit

Fun foam kits - R140

2 x A4 canvases

1 spatula

180g assorted fun foam

Available in Fashion, animals, junlge and fairy

Wooden toys with paints - R30 (age 4+)

Each kit contains:

1 set of precut wood pieces, 1 paint strip with one cup of white glue, 1 paintbrush

Great for: problem solving, fine motor skills, creative skills and hand eye co ordination

Available in car, ship, birdhouse and bi plane


Teddy junior acrylic - R32

250ml bottle

Available in Red, yellow, blue, black, white, green, orange, purple, turquoise and brown


Art design stencil - R65

Turn your inspiration into a work of art.


4 stencils

1 suggestion booklet

3 pages of stickers

6 khokhi's




Ages 3+

Stencils - R8 EACH

Available in sport, wild animals, sea animals, space and transport

birthday card making kit - R20

kit includes

1 card

1 envelope


handmade stickers

accessory paper

MYO kaleidoscope - R20

Make your own kaleidoscope comes with free crayons


Scratch art - R12
Scratch art pictures 26cm x 19cm
various images available


Sidewalk chalk - R25

6 pieces of quality sidewalk chalk

Keeps children busy for hours

decorative selotape - R20

contains 9 different selotapes and 3 tape dispensers

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Rolla ball - R70

Contains 3 x 50 ml

Colours - Red | Blue | Yellow



No mess

Assists in the development of fine motor skills

Make your own - R19

A wonderful array of craft kits available in beaded necklace, pop stick puppets, pipe cleaner puppets,pom pom octopus, furry monsters, hero mask, jewel mask and pom pom fish

Solar system kit - R100
Build the solar system in 3D includes polystyrene shapes and instructions

Hair Chalk - R60

Hair powder can be applied to dry hair of any colour and washes out easily. A fun way to dress up your hair for a party or just for fun. Comes with 4 colours – purple, pink, blue and green, as well as special applicator.

Great as a birthday gift or buy now and put aside for Christmas, it's sooner than you think.